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  • Women herb’s suplement with Kacip Fatimah extract, Manjakani extract, Vitamin C and Stevia as natural sweetener to restore women health and beauty from within to maintain youthfulness and to energize the whole day
  • Contains Quercus Infectoria (Manjakani) extract to hormones stabilizing and blood flow. Manjakani has antioxidant effect for skin beauty and slowing down ageing process.
  • Astringent properties in Manjakani helps treat vaginal discharge by eliminating bacteria and fungi that causing bad odour in women part. Manjakani alo contains fibre that is effective for digestive systmen
  • This suplement drink also contains Labisia Pumila (Kacip Fatimah) extract which high in pyhtoestrogen and iron, also has anti-inflammation effect to restore women health such as balancing menstrual cycle, reducing menstrual cramps, slowing down menopause symptoms, restore energy after birth, remove gas from the stomach, and reduce body pain.
  • Contains Vitamin C to balancing body system that helps in dopamine production in nerves system and helps adrenal function in increasing body energy
  • Vitamin C helps in skin whitening by increasing gluthatione level and also increasing estrogen hormone that affect women fertilization
  • Mix 2 scoops with 150ml hot water.
  • Drink 1-2 times daily.
  • CAUTION: Not suitable for pregnant women.
  • CALORY: 75.4kcal
Krimer, Stevia, Kopi, Quercus Infectoria Extract, Labisia Pumila Extract, and Vitamin C

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Buyers Reviews
23 Dec 2020
15:11:07 PM
tak tau dah botol mmg sedap..segar mata..
By Nursyafiqa Mansor
13 Dec 2020
19:14:35 PM
Love it
My second time purchase. I usually always feel tired and sleep early, end up procrastinate all the work. This drink boost my energy whenever I need to stay late night. big thumbs up. Only can padatkan lagi isian kandungan. Only managed to drink 5-6 times for one pack
By Liza Ismail
15 Oct 2020
08:41:02 AM
In love sgt dgn female+
Kali kedua repeat order..rasa kopi dia sedap..lemak2 tp kurang manis..mmg sedap..badan pon jd bertenaga..hilang rasa letih2 dan mngantok..minum selang seli dgn dfolia coffe tp yg ni mmg cepat habis..bau dia pon sedap..
By Norihan Jusoh
07 Oct 2020
10:16:47 AM
Rasa memang sedap..
Suka sangat..
By Noreen Nazriati Bt Zainuddin
27 Apr 2020
12:23:36 PM
nurul asma atina
suka minum female+ ni utk dalaman wanita yang best nye utk kulit sama sebab ada vitamin C. bau coffee nye pun sedap je tak pahit pun.
By Nurul asma Atina
06 Apr 2020
19:11:52 PM
Very statisfying
Rasa sedap .. bdn rsa segar x mngantuk n i slowly tggal instant coffee.. this is my second purcahse n love it..
05 Jan 2020
22:18:08 PM
Famale + Coffee
Rasanya manis sikit tapi aka campur coffee sikit supaya kurang manis.. tapi rasa sedap
By Harisah Bashah
19 Nov 2019
12:36:43 PM
bagi penggemar tegar kopi..saya lebih suka d'folia coffee...untuk female+ ni rasa dia lite saja...
By Nordiana Md Danuri
02 Oct 2019
11:27:44 AM
Its mild, its nice, it makes you feel full.
By Norbanu Mohd Idris (Nora)
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