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  • High fibre protein drink with goodness of selectable ingredients such as Brown Rice, Oat, Bitter Orange, Pea Protein and Chia Seed for an efficient weight loss.
    Brown rice is good for those who practice low diet calory because it contains Magnese, Selenium and Fibre which are good for reducing cholesterol level. Brown rice ia a soluble fibre which are effective in absorbing LDL fat/cholesterol in the blood.
  • Brown rice also enrich with Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Iron, Fostat, and Calsium. Magnese is important for health (1 cup of brown rice = 88% magnesium for body). It helps maintain an ideal body, nerve system and cholesterol level in body. It’s good for menopause woman, for treating heart and blood pressure, also reducing risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Brown rice is low in Glicemic Index (GI), resulting slower carbohidrate digestion compare to white rice. This will helps in maintaining sugar level inside the blood and  body.
  • Brown rice contain soluble fibre that help in absorbing more water inside the intestine for a better toxin removing and avoid constipation. This will resulting in a healthy colon & digenstive system. Selenium also believed able to reducing cancer, heart attacks, and artritis. Selenium is significant mineral to boost body immunisation system.
  • Oat contain fibre that can help slowing down nutrient digestion inside the body. It can help avoid uncomfortable stomach such as constipation. Oat also rich in beta-glucan that immune to reducing cholesterol level inside the body. While protein, vitamin b and omega-3 in oat is good for skin health.
  • Bitter Orange Extract – contain alkaloid called Synephrine that similar to ephedra, an illegal drugs prohibent by FDA. Synephrine in Bitter Orange Extract works as fat burner that helps reduce food craving, boost energy and metabolisme levels in body. But the mai function is to trigger ‘non-hungry feeling’ towards the consumer.
  • Pea protein rich in BBCA (amino acid) that support muscle growth after workout. Pea protein powder offer legit health benefit according to The Journal Of Renal Nutrition. It doesn’t produce by allergic resources such as egg, nuts, fish and shell marine which have majority allergies in world wide making it suitablle for those with complicated dietary.
  • Pea protein is digestable compare to whey protein because it doesn’t contain gluten. Those who suffer from bloating or smelly gas can turn to pea powder. Plant based protein contain more benefit that othe resources because low in cholesterol, low in hemoglobin A1c (blood sugar level), and glucose level. It also potential in reducing blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.
  • Black bean also known as legumes and turtle beans because of the shape that look like shells. It cntains iron, phosporus, calciums, magnesium, copper & zinc that good for bones.
  • Black bean also good those with blood pressure because it low sodium, Fiber, potassium, folate, Vitamin B6 and phytonutrient in Black Bean is good for heart. Fiber helps reduce cholesterol level in blood and reduce heart attck risk.
  • Chia seed is from sage (salvia hispanica). Chia comes from maya words means strength. Aztec community, maya & inca consume chia seed to improve body immunisasion and energy.
  • Consume 10-15 minutes before heavy food intake
Dextrose, Non-dairy creamer, skimmed milk, Oat powder, Apple powder, Isolated Soy Protein, Malt Extract, Chocolate Powder, Coarse Rice, Chia Seed, Flavors (Chocolate), Palm and Oat Oil Encapsulate, Pea Protein Isolated, Oat Fiber, Black Bean Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Bitter Orange Extract, Xanthan Gum

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15 Oct 2019
14:47:22 PM
Kenyang dan memberi tenaga
Saya ambil sehari sekali, 30 minit sebelum makan tengah hari. Rosa coklat yang sangat pekat dan sedap. Sangat recommended. Akan buat anda kenyang sehingga petang bagi menglak pengambilan snacks.
By Akklil Aiman Othman
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